5 Virtual Recognition Ideas For Nonprofit Donors

Many different services help make teamwork more efficient, faster, and more convenient. It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial organization or a completely unprofitable enterprise. Any enterprise deserves to work comfortably. In this article, you will learn how to choose virtual solutions for efficient work and see five examples of such software.

How to choose virtual solutions for a company?

So, to choose your optimal tool for managing a non-profit organization, you need to follow a few steps.

First step

To get started, conduct analytics: how your team communicates and interacts at the moment. What channels are used, and how much do they currently cover the team’s requests? Think about what awaits your company in the future – what new demands and requirements it will have.

Second step

After that, start exploring the market for software offers and decide which of the proposed options best covers your needs.

Third step

After choosing the right software, consider what the internal architecture of the processes will be. Describe the roles of users and the rules of interaction between company employees within the system. Make guides for different team members. Train employees.

Some examples of successful software for a non-profit organization

Below you will find 5 top programs that can be used to regulate work in a non-profit organization.


Almost the first task setting system. The start page offers everything you need to know about your group’s projects, from the news feed and current tasks to a wiki repository of documents.

Invite a user to the project in the status of a client and restrict his access to internal documentation. During publishing, you can choose the level of access (only for the team or the client).


A project management application allows you to distribute tasks and set priorities and deadlines. You can track the status of the project at the “completed / not completed” level.


This program will appeal to those who have already worked with similar software, namely Jira. With the program’s help, you can manage projects of different sizes. Here you can organize the work of a team of 3-4 people just as efficiently as the processes in which 50-100 company employees participate.

Trello is a board with cards in a vertical list. They can be dragged from one place to another, marking the project’s status.


The teamwork service helps you keep track of key business processes for projects, save documents, build a client base and conduct internal discussions – all in one place and in real-time. Podio brings together features for corporate communication, CRM, and project management.

Convenient CRM system – allows you to maintain profiles of existing and potential customers and save information about documents on transactions and their implementation.


A handy tool that allows you to create projects and tasks for free. The limit on the number of people should not exceed 5 participants. It has a user-friendly desktop with structured functions.